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Baloo's Bugle: Volume 24, Number 3 - October 2017 Cub Scout Roundtable
November 2017 Program Ideas

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Part I - Monthly Fun Stuff

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Part II - Training and Admin Helps

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Part III - Pack Meeting


Internet Recharter Updates 101217 rev3.pdf

The BSA Expands Programs to Welcome Girls from Cub Scouts to Highest Rank of Eagle Scout

Video of Chief Scout Executive Michael Surbaugh talking with staff about the recent membership decision by the BSA Executive Board:


cub scout roundtable planning guide 2017-2018.pdf

The Lion program got some updates based on parent feedback:'s-New.pptx

Scott McKenzie shared a link.

The 2017-2018 Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide has finally been posted to the BSA Commissioner Roundtable Support webpage.

You will notice that the material in the CS RT Planning Guide is significantly different this year. Based on survey input, the National Cub Scouting Committee has modified the presentation style for the Cub Scout interest topics for this year. In order to improve communications throughout the pack leadership, it is recommended that all Cub Scout leaders attend the interest topic discussion together as a single group. This new method will provide everyone with the same information and will facilitate important discussion about these topics between all Cub Scout leaders. We recommend everyone try the new method to see how it works in your district. This will further validate any input you may have for future changes.

As always, the Cub Scout Roundtable Planning Guide provides suggested options for each council or district. The use of any specific topic is flexible based on the needs of the council or district. Each council or district may also select other topics that would be beneficial to the needs of the Cub Scout leaders in their respective council or district. 
Additional resource materials from the BSA can be used if the district chooses to utilize individual leader breakout sessions. The Philmont Cub Scout Roundtable Supplements are a great resource to consider for the breakout session model. These optional support materials will continue to be available on the Roundtable Commissioner Facebook Page and can be emailed to individuals upon request.

We understand that there will be a lot of opinions on this new format and the National Commissioner Service Team would like to collect your feedback to provide to the National Cub Scout Committee, who develops the program content for the CS RT Planning Guide. Please provide constructive comments only. If you like the new format, please say so and if there are additional things you would like to see in the program content please provide a description in your comments. We will also be conducting various surveys over the next several months to collect your input for future program content. Private emails can also be sent to…/cubscouts/…/510-714(17)_CS.pdf


Scott McKenzie
National Commissioner Service Roundtable Chair
National Commissioner Support Team


Emily Campbell
 uploaded a file.

As requested, your Philmont Cub Scout Roundtable Supplement for the October Roundtable. The theme this month is Cubs Give Thanks and a Scout is Reverent. I want to thank my team for coming up with this month's guide. New to this month's guide is the Committee Chair breakout with the topic of and how to change your pin! Thank you to those of you that have been asking questions and requests for specific subject matter. We do listen! Hope you have a great Roundtable next month!

The Philmont Cub Scout Roundtable Supplements October 2017 Cubs Give Thanks - A Scout is Reverent.pdf






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