Webeloree Memories

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Webeloree Memories

The District Webeloree


The Webeloree went Great!


(I have never been so tired on a Monday morning in my life)


The shopping expenses were minimal


(What do you need that for? We have that at the camp. We’ll make that. You have two things, why did we even come here?)


The food was fantastic!


(The DE ate my tinfoil dinner and it was the last one)


The older scouts built lean to’s to sleep in Sat night.


(It rained till 3:00 PM Sat, timing is everything)


The Flag Lowering ceremony was quick.


(Never have a 1st year do the lowering. I didn’t realize a flag would go down that fast when they let go of the rope. The catch four inches above the ground was pretty good)


I got to sleep in a staff cabin.


(Never ever leave a staff cabin without your key. When did they put those stupid knobs, that lock every time you close the door, on the cabins?)


We even had enough hot dogs and macaroni with cheese left over from lunch to feed a New Scout Troop.


(Over Budget? What are you talking about? We used all the food we had)


I got to sleep in a staff cabin.


(The smoke detector went off for no reason at 2:30, 3:00 and 3:30 am Sunday morning)


I brought my new multipurpose knife with the pliers.


(See above referenced smoke detector, which is currently disabled)


The powers above took all our tinder and kindling for the Sunday morning competition to help out the Boy Scouts with a campfire.


(The leader running the fire building didn’t need breakfast anyways. Besides cutting firewood at dawn is great exercise.)


We had a hayride and the scouts loved it!


(I didn’t know the leader towing the wagon knew how to plug a tire before this weekend)


The kids earned a lot of activity pins.


(I should have had them in my own little hands before I went to the camp)


We’re organized enough to mail each pack a listing of achievements and their pins.


(Over Budget? What are you talking about? If we didn’t have to mail all that stuff we would have been fine)


They had an electric rope burner/cutter at the scout camp.


(The leader should always be first, even on the injury list) 


The scouts cleaned all the camp’s bathrooms.


(They have hoses in the bathhouses at the scout camp. Which is a great way to clean up after the clean up)


The Camp Director even helped us clean up.


(Leaving a 4:00 PM isn’t bad when you’re supposed to be out at noon, is it?)


We had no major problems and only a couple of minor scrapes.


(Yes Yellow Jackets do make nests in the ground, and get mad when their nest gets stepped on)


Yes I would actually direct one again. I had a wonderful time and learned quite a bit.


(The are no words to describe…………..)

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